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Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska

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The most common reason most people don't succeed online is they don't
 give enough focus on building their list.

This is your BIGGEST asset and you have to give time EVERY DAY to this.

Everything revolves around this: Advertising, getting subscribers, making splash pages, communicating with your list and how many people are going through your funnel pages each day.

Keep building your list and everything will slowly begin to come together. But remember it takes time to build your list! Just be patient with yourself. :)
Let's Start off Small With Some BASIC Questions:


Success Checklist:

1. Are you advertising a lot?  YES / NO
List what safelists you are using.

Get back with your coach if you don't know
or are not confident about your answers...

...and then continue:


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